Archuleta v. Wagner

(10th Cir. No. 07-1108, filed 04/29/2008). Jail deputy was not entitled to qualified immunity for performing a strip search of a woman jailed on an invalid warrant for someone else. Archuleta was arrested on a warrant for “DV-harassment”meant for Phyllis Rivera, a lesbian Hispanic female, 42-42 year…

Weise v. Casper

Weise v. Casper (10th Cir. No. 09-1085, filed 01/27/10). In a Bivens action based on the exclusion of plaintiffs, by volunteers acting under government supervision, from a speech by then-President Bush, dismissal of the complaint based on qualified immunity is affirmed where plaintiffs failed […]

Table of Cases

According to West's Encyclopedia of American Law (edition 2. 2008), a table of cases is "an alphabetized list of the judicial decisions that are cited, referred to, or explained in a book with references to the sections, pages, or paragraphs where they are cited." And it is […]

Dartmouth College v. Woodward

Dartmouth College v. Woodward Dartmouth College v. Woodward, also commonly known as the Dartmouth College Case, was attracted much attention and exerted a greater influence over the legislative and judicial history of the United States at the 19th Century. The case arose as follows: In […]


The science of the law; the practical science of giving a wise interpretation to the laws, and making a just application of them to all cases as they arise. By science, in the first definition, ia understood that connection of truths which is founded on principles either evident in […]


Briefs are written arguments of the facts and legal issues presented before a court. See Also Alphabetical arrangement of entries Table of Cases Briefs Table of Laws Amicus Brief Bench Memorandum or Bench Brief Brandeis Brief Case Brief Letter Brief […]

United States v. Villegas

(10th Cir. No. 08-4078, filed 02/02/09). An officer stopped a car for a traffic violation, then received consent to search after turning the stop back into a voluntary encounter. The officer found drugs in the car after the defendant drove it 22 miles away and put it up on a lift. Defendant claims t…

Wilson v. Layne

526 U.S. 603, 119 S.Ct. 1692, 143 L.Ed2d 818, (1999); and Hanlon v. Berger, 526 U.S. 808, 119 S.Ct. 1706, 143 L.Ed2d 978, (1999). Allowing a newspaper reporter and photographer or other third parties not involved in warrant execution to accompany federal marshals and county police officers into a ho…