Stokes V. South Carolina

Stokes V. South Carolina

Petition for Certiorari

A party decided to to file a brief asking the Supreme Court to hear the Stokes v. South Carolina case (trying the Court grants the party a writ of certiorari).


Before the Court, the following issues were questioned (text from scotusblog):(1) Whether it is a violation of the Sixth Amendment guarantee of conflict-free counsel for a lawyer who previously prosecuted a defendant to represent that same defendant in a subsequent and related capital trial; and (2) whether a valid waiver of the right to conflict-free counsel can be found when the trial record contains no mention of a conflict or waiver, and the post-conviction record does not address, let alone satisfy, the constitutionally required elements of a valid waiver.



The Court gives, in its calendar of cases scheduled, the following docket number to the Stokes v. South Carolina case: 15-9329. This Supreme Court's docket shows all the official actions in the Stokes v. South Carolina case.

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