Morris V. Virginia

Morris V. Virginia

Petition for Certiorari

A party decided to to file a brief asking the Supreme Court to hear the Morris v. Virginia case (trying the Court grants the party a writ of certiorari).


Before the Court, the following issues were questioned (text from scotusblog):(1) Whether Padilla v. Kentucky applies retroactively to ineffective assistance of counsel claims raised on collateral review; and (2) whether Virginia provides adequate postconviction remedies when petitioner and others similarly situated are precluded from vindicating violations of the right to effective assistance of counsel under Padilla.



The Court gives, in its calendar of cases scheduled, the following docket number to the Morris v. Virginia case: 10-1498. This Supreme Court's docket shows all the official actions in the Morris v. Virginia case.


Date of the Petition Conference: 9.26.2011

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