Federal Circuit Opinions

Federal Circuit Opinions

The American Encyclopedia of Law makes the opinions of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit available to the Internet community on the World Wide Web beginning with August 1995. New opinions are downloaded from the Court’s bulletin board and converted into different formats for viewing and downloading. Beginning with August 1999, decisions will be available in html and pdf format. Not all decisions of the Court are available on the Court’s bulletin board, and only those that have been designated for publication by the Court are available on this Web site.

While the American Encyclopedia of Law works to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of these opinions, it does not make any warranties or representations regarding them. Before relying on any opinion, it is essential for the researcher to use independent means to verify the status of the opinion and determine its precedential value.

The American Encyclopedia of Law does not have access to the Court’s docket, and, therefore, cannot confirm whether a particular case is still pending or provide any information about the status of a case. For information about the status of a case, contact the clerk of the Court.

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Federal Reporter Series

Opinions of the federal courts including the United States Courts of Appeals. Federal Reporter, First Series was published 1880 to 1925. Federal Reporter, Second Series was published 1925 to 1993. Federal Reporter, Third Series published 1993 to present.

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