About Us

Commentary on U.S. Legal Judgments

This site represents an experimental project that seeks to gather online commentary on U.S. legal judgments. At the moment, the database is restricted to some court judgments, including Supreme Court cases, from a year to a few months short of the present (the lag allowing commentary to find its way online and us to discover it). As well it is almost exclusively commentary in English, a function of the manner in which we searched; We intend to remedy this deficiency as the site develops.

It is important to note that only material offering some analysis is considered commentary; pages providing simply summaries of facts and the court’s reasoning are omitted.

The relevant blogs entries and law firm publications are discovered using our Law Blogs Search Engine and Custom Google Search of U.S. Law Firms, respectively. Undoubtedly we’ve missed some relevant commentary. When that happens, please let we know.

We hope to expand the database to include commentary on decisions of other courts. As a way to get started on this expansion, we suggest that if your blog or law firm has produced a comment on a case, contact us with the relevant information and we’ll create a record for that case and comment. Where you send us links to commentary on cases too recent to have been included in our systematic search, we’ll go ahead and create a record and indicate that the record is “incomplete.”

The site will always open with the most recently updated case. The search function works quite well, but you may find the table of cases useful to see a sortable list of cases on which there’s commentary. Those case names that are not hyperlinks are decisions on which there has been no commentary.